Your deception is sickening – Dr. Obeng fires Medical Council but…

The Ghana Medical and Dental Council says it will study the court’s ruling that acquitted Dr. Dominic Kwame Obeng-Andoh, the Proprietor of the Obengfo Hospital and take a firm decision on his case.

He was charged for being an unregistered practitioner and operating an unlicensed health facility, but on Tuesday, the Accra Circuit Court Four did not find him culpable per the way the charges were framed by the prosecution.

The court had stated, for instance, that there were inconsistencies in the evidence given by the prosecution witnesses.

This has been strongly contested by Dr. Eli K, Atikpui, Registrar, Ghana Medical and Dental Council.

He told TV3’s News360 Thursday that what the court said is “not true”.

He will however not say much “until we receive the full details” of the ruling.

The Registrar was categorical the council will request and study the ruling to determine the way forward.

“We are going to request the details of the ruling or judgement then we can make our position clear, as to what the court is saying is what the situation is.”

The board of the Ghana Medical and Dental Council, he said, would soon meet over the outcome of the court case and take a decision whether to appeal or not.

Nonetheless, Dr. Atikpui insisted that Dr. Obeng-Andoh “is not in good standing with the Medical and Dental Council”.

But Dr. Dominic Obeng-Andoh has rejected the council’s position on his membership.

He also insisted that he is a paid up member of the Council.

He even showed TV3’s Alfred Ocansey what appears to be evidence of payment made to the council on his phone as recent as 2018 to renew his license.

“You cannot continue to deceive people this way, it is sickening,” he said.

But Dr. Atikpui had earlier explained that being in good standing is not just about payment so far as the council is concerned.


Dr. Obeng-Andoh, who runs the Advanced Body Sculpt, has also refuted claims that some of his clients have had to live with lifelong deformities and injuries after botched surgeries.

He described the allegations as “callous”, and challenged victims to come forward with proof.

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By Isaac Essel | | Ghana

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