Victoria Lebene allegedly steals pictures of Satorini online to fake overseas honeymoon

Earlier today, Sighted a post by recently wedded Victoria Lebene Mekpah, the geolocation of the post was Rhodes Island Greece indicating that she was in Greece to have her honeymoon. She captioned the post ‘waking up to a dream’ implying that she and Eugene were there enjoying an expensive honeymoon and she has just woken up to that photo of breakfast.

Several of her followers including celebrities such as Regina Van Helvert Ian Wordi Nikki Samonas etc, commented on how she was enjoying her expensive honeymoon.

Well, apparently, it was all a lie. It has become obvious that Victoria picked an image off the internet and posted it to deceive her followers. A quick search of Google images with the phrase “breakfast at Santorini Greece” would prove that.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your honeymoon at a wonderfully serene place in Ghana but to take a photo from the net to deceive your gullible followers? No that’s wrong. Cut your coat according to your cloth.

From information gathered, Victoria is not even in Greece at the moment. The post has since been deleted from her page.

Take a look at the exact photos taken from a website named ‘PIKDO’


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