Pepper Dem directs Police to arrest Afia Schwar over Efia Odo gang-rape threat

Women advocacy group, Pepper Dem Ministries has called on the Ghana Police Service to deal ruthlessly with comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger for threatening to pay men to gang-rape Efia Odo.

While the two social media “celebrities” were engaged in banter on social media sometime in February this year, Afia Schwarzenegger threatened to pay men to gang rape Efia Odo.

She said she will go to Efia Odo’s house to beat up and cause physical harm to her.

Such a statement seems not to sit down well with Pepper Dem Ministries who have directed the Ghana Police Service and other stakeholder bodies to deal with her.

In a post on Facebook, the group said;

“In 2017, Afia Shwaznegar’s then-husband released nude and intimate footage of her on social media. That incident has been crucial to our advocacy for women. As a victim of sexual harassment, revenge porn, and sexist tropes, it is very unfortunate that Afia Shwazneger is threatening another woman with rape and by so doing, endorsing sexual violence against women as a corrective tool. Rape is not only illegal but absolutely wrong and socially reprehensible.

This is disgusting, dangerous and completely unacceptable! This is another unfortunate example of the rape culture that is pervasive in our society and a tragic reminder that women can also be guilty of perpetuating same. That this incident happened as far back as February 29th without enough public condemnation is evident of how normalized corrective rape is.

We hope the Ghana Police Service and her employers take action and hold her accountable”.




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