Martin Amidu to put over 20 more ‘corrupt’ officials in court

The Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, has revealed at least 20 more people will soon be put before court for prosecution as his office winds up investigations into allegations of corruption against them.

These new cases will add to the eight persons already being prosecuted by the Office for various corruption charges.

For Mr Amidu who has come under criticism over the last year for his inability to walk the talk of his utterances due to various challenges he’s faced with, the new cases will be a major feat for his office.

Speaking one-on-one with David Ampofo, the Special prosecutor declined to give names of persons being investigated but said they are from both sides of the political divide

“I have more than 20 cases I’m almost wrapping investigating and they come from the two divides. I don’t want to mention names because when you are investigating, you don’t”

He claimed the development “is making people frightened”.

When asked which side of the political divide these 20 cases are drawn from and if the fear of one side being pursued is justified, the special prosecutor noted “I never will prosecute from one side”.

He explained he had made a promise to Ghanaians to fight corruption regardless whose ox is gorged and that he will not renege on that promise.

Martin Amidu assured the public that under no circumstance will he target only one group of people, citing how he fell out with is NDC government.

“When I was invited for vetting, I told the whole of Ghanaians crime will be crime and I left government in 2012 precisely because people wanted me to prosecute the opposition alone and will not deal with their own,” he said.

Source: By P.D Wedam||Ghana

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