Koo Ntakra shockingly reacts to ‘Greatest Of All Time Rap List’

Ghanaian Akuapem based and young talented rapper Koo Ntakra has described rapper Awal as being below his pedigree to engage in beef with and declared himself as being the number one rapper on the list of top rappers in the Eastern region. This comes after rapper Awal released a diss song dissing he( Koo Ntakra), Strongman, Medikal, Kofi Kinaata and other industry players this year.

During an interview with him on “Showbiz Agenda” on Accra based radio station Zylofon FM 102.1, he stated that he wouldn’t reply rapper Awal because he( Koo Ntakra) was too big to engage in beef with kid rapper like Awal. Listing the top three rappers in the Eastern region, the rapper stated that he is first on the list when listing top three rappers in the Eastern region. According to him, there isn’t support and unity among artistes in the Eastern region because every rapper feels he or she is the biggest.

Explaining further, he also said he thinks artistes in the Eastern region are not united because their seniors who came first in the industry didn’t create that path for them to follow.

Reacting to the list of top 50 rappers of all time by Ghana’s celebrated sound engineer and producer Hammer of the Last Two, he pointed out that he is not disturbed because his name didn’t appear on the list because he thinks that was the opinion of Hammer.

“I’m not worried my name is not in the list because I think that’s his opinion and for rap, is season by season so when your time comes, you enjoy. For the best rappers list, Bra Sammy it`s your opinion and how you want it. Bra Sammy you or DJ Sticker or anyone could do your own list and my name will be there. It`s your opinion and who you think should be on the list” he stressed out.

He further added that Medikal deserved the best rapper of the year award he won at the VGMA awards because to him, Medikal is the best hip-pop rapper in Ghana currently and no one can take that from him. 

Responding to question on his opinion about the beef between Medikal and Strongman, he said Strongman murdered Medikal judging from their punchlines and vibes. 

“Oh for the beef, it`s good and part of the game. That’s what we came and met in the game so we can’t destroy it. If they think what they are doing will help them, I think it`s good but if it will bring conflict, then it is advisable to stop. I wouldn’t have advised them to stop because they aren’t kids. Looking at their punchlines and vibes, Strongman murdered Medikal. Oh yes. .. Medikal was murdered” he added.

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