First Ghanaian celebrity to own iPhone 11 Pro Max

Lawyer and socialite, Sandra Ankobiah is the first Ghanaian celebrity to acquire Apple’s latest smartphone, iPhone 11 Pro Max.

It’s damn expensive but Sandra Ankobiah has shown that money isn’t a problem?once she wants it, she goes for it!

A few days ago, she posted a video of the queue she had to join in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai just to be one of the first to have a feel of the well-branded smartphone.

Well, she finally got it and now flaunting it on her Instagram page.

Last year, Apple’s iPhone XR was the interesting story in the iPhone lineup, while the top-end iPhone XS was only a modest update over its predecessor the iPhone X. But this year, the roles have flipped: the iPhone 11 Pro is a notable step forward for the flagship tier, while the iPhone 11 is only a slight improvement over the iPhone XR as the company’s latest entry-level new phone.

With the iPhone 11 Pro, the best smartphone display on the market just got significantly better, the fastest smartphone CPU and GPU got even faster, and Apple caught up to competitors with new camera features.


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