Burna Boy and M.anifest setting colonisation story straight with ‘Another Story’

Burna Boy is on a mission! A mission to spread the pizza-like African music he calls Afrofusion.

But, that, it seems is not the only thing he is seeking to achieve. Burna Boy in his new album, ‘African Giant’ talks about love, life, music and many more but on one song ‘Another Story’, the artiste hopes to correct the Nigerian colonisation history.

The song which feature’s Ghana’s M.anifest, begins with a prologue that tells the story of how the British had put together its protectorates to form one country, Nigeria.

He goes on to say in the song that the British are telling the story of colonisation, completely different from what it is.

This story he says, has blinded a lot of Nigerians, “they wanna tell you another story, since 1960 them dey play us, why o? Shey we go dey cry forevermore.”

In the video, Nigerians are in a classroom but are blindfolded with materials that have tribalism, religion, politics and many others inscribed on them. A representation of how many people in the country over the years have made some of these concepts blind them hindering development in the country.

Political parties, past and present, along with their flags were written on walls, children, half-naked, were wielding weapons as if to defend themselves from the imminent danger that had destroyed their town and left their fathers bleeding to death on the floor.

M.anifest delivers a rap that hits the soul hard. He stated that the struggle of Nigerians, now, is no different from what Ghanaians are facing.

“Stuck in traffic I dey hate delay. Big man get the motorcade, big Benz and the Escalade. Hustle just dey escalate. But March 6, we go celebrate. Every year be the same cock and bull. Propaganda you dey push, no dey pull. E dey pain, people tire for this matter. Every day for thief man, one day for master.”

Burna Boy ends the song with an epilogue that exposes how the foreign powers twisted the colonisation story to suit them.

The British, he said, had paid £865 “a huge amount in 1900” take over the reins of power in 1900.

“So let’s establish a simple truth. The British didn’t travel halfway across the world just to spread democracy, Nigeria started off as a business deal for them, between a company and a government,” he said.

Surprisingly, the company that sold Nigeria is under another name ‘Unilever’, “but that’s another story”, Burna Boy added.

Watch the music video:

Source: Myjoyonline.com

Posted by: Kingsley Nyarko Twum

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